Filmography of Sigourney Weaver

2022Avatar 4
2020Avatar 3
2018Avatar 2Grace Augustine
2017Cleanin' Up the Town: Remembering GhostbustersHerself
2016A Monster CallsGrandma
2016The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years
2016The AssignmentDr. Rachel Kay
2016GhostbustersRebecca Gorin
2016Finding DorySigourney Weaver (voice)
2015Ingrid Bergman in Her Own WordsHerself
2015Keepers of the Covenant: Making Exodus: Gods and KingsHerself
2015ChappieMichelle Bradley
2014Exodus: Gods and KingsTuja
2014My Depression (The Up and Down and Up of It)Elizabeth Swados (voice)
2012Political AnimalsElaine Barrish
2012The Cabin in the WoodsThe Director
2012The Cold Light of DayJean Carrack
2012Red LightsMargaret Matheson
2011RampartJoan Confrey
2011AbductionDr. Bennett
2011Cedar RapidsMacy Vanderhei
2010Capturing AvatarHerself
2010You AgainAunt Ramona
2010Crazy on the OutsideViki
2009AvatarDr. Grace Augustine
2009Prayers for BobbyMary Griffith
2009Cinema's Exiles: From Hitler to HollywoodNarrator
2008The Tale of DespereauxThe Narrator (voice)
2008His Highness HollywoodHerself
2008WALL·EShip's Computer (voice)
2008Baby MamaChaffee Bicknell
2008Vantage PointRex Brooks
2008Be Kind RewindMs. Lawson
2007The Girl in the ParkJulia Sandburg
2007Helmut by June
2006InfamousBabe Paley
2006Happily N'Ever AfterFrieda
2006The TV SetLenny
2006Snow CakeLinda
2004Imaginary HeroesSandy Travis
2004The VillageAlice Hunt
2003The Beast Within: Making 'Alien'Herself
2003Superior Firepower: Making 'Aliens'Herself
2003Wreckage and Rage: Making 'Alien³'Herself
2003One Step Beyond: Making 'Alien Resurrection'Herself
2003HolesWarden Walker
2002TadpoleEve Grubman
2002The GuysJoan
2001Alien EvolutionHerself
2001Big Bad LoveBetti DeLoreo (voice)
2001HeartbreakersMax Conners
2000Company ManDaisy Quimp
1999Galaxy QuestGwen DeMarco
1999A Map of the WorldAlice Goodwin
1999The Alien LegacyHerself
1999Get Bruce!Herself
1997Alien: ResurrectionRipley
1997The Ice StormJaney Carver
1997Snow White: A Tale of TerrorLady Claudia Hoffman
1995CopycatHelen Hudson
1995JeffreyDebra Moorhouse
1994Death and the MaidenPaulina Escobar
1994The Wild SwansNarrator
1993DaveEllen Mitchell
1993Rabbit Ears - PeachboyNarrator
19921492: Conquest of ParadiseQueen Isabella
1992The Snow QueenNarrator (voice)
1989Ghostbusters IIDana Barrett
1988Working GirlKatharine Parker
1988Gorillas in the MistDian Fossey
1986Half Moon StreetDr. Lauren Slaughter
1986AliensLieutenant Ellen Ripley
1985One Woman or TwoJessica Fitzgerald
1984GhostbustersDana Barrett
1983Deal of the CenturyCatherine DeVoto
1982The Year of Living DangerouslyJill Bryant
1981EyewitnessTony Sokolow
1979O Youth and Beauty!Marcia Lawton
1979The Sorrows of GinMarcia Lawton
1977Annie HallAlvy's Date Outside Theatre