Filmography of Edison Chen

2017A Rain Cloud in the Sky
2016Good Take Collection
2016Good Take, Too!
2014Golden Chickensss
2011Almost PerfectAndy Lee
2009The SniperOJ
2008The Dark KnightLSI VP
2007Trivial MattersDisco boy
2007Gumball 3000: Drivin' Me CrazyHimself
2006The Grudge 2Eason
2006Dog Bite DogCambodian Hitman
2005Under the Same MoonDon
2005Initial DRyousuke Takahashi
2004Moving TargetsNgai Fung
2004A-1 HeadlineKevin
2004The Twins Effect IIPeachy
2004Triad UnderworldTurbo
2004Sex and the BeautiesStone
2003Infernal Affairs IIILau Kin Ming (young)
2003Infernal Affairs IIInspector Lau Kin Ming
2003The MedallionWaiter
2003The Twins EffectKazaf
2002Infernal AffairsLau Kin Ming (young)
2002Nine Girls and a GhostMarco Chan Kiu Wai
2002Princess D
2001Dance of a DreamJimmy Cheung
2000Dead or Alive 2: BirdsBoo
2000Gen-Y CopsEdison Chan
2000From Ashes to Ashes