Filmography of Jason Marsden

2016The Secret Life of PetsAdditional Voices (voice)
2015Halloween Panic!Sydmull
2014We Wish You a Merry WalrusSydmull
2014Locker 13Suicide Jack
2013I Know That VoiceHimself
2012Blue Like JazzKenny
2010DC Showcase Original Shorts CollectionYoung Man / Bartender
2010DC Showcase: Jonah HexYoung Man / Bartender
2009The Fairly OddParents: WishologyChester McBadbat (voice)
2008Batman: Gotham KnightThomas Wayne
2008Dragonlance: Dragons Of Autumn TwilightTasslehoff Burrfoot (voice)
2007Garfield Gets RealNermal (voice)
2006Brother Bear 2Additional Voices
2006High HopesWendell
2004Felix the Cat Saves Christmas
2004The Fairly OddParents: Channel ChasersChester McBadbat / Clint / Jeff / Johnny Hunt / Shaggy (voice)
2004Mickey's Twice Upon a ChristmasMax Goof (voice)
2003Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt60s' Burt Ward
2002Justice League: Paradise LostSnapper Carr (voice)
2001Justice League: Secret OriginsSnapper Carr / SCU Officer (voice)
2001How to Make a MonsterBug
2000An Extremely Goofy MovieMax Goof (voice)
1999TarzanAdditional Voices
1998The Lion King 2: Simba's PrideKovu (voice)
1997Trojan WarJosh
1995A Goofy MovieMax Goof
1993Hocus PocusThackery Binx (voice)
1990Cartoon All-Stars to the RescueMichael
1989Robot JoxTommy