Filmography of Bruno Kirby

2006'Good Morning, Vietnam': Production DiaryHimself
2001One Eyed KingMickey
1999Stuart LittleReginald Stout (voice)
1999Spy GamesMax Fisher
1999A Slipping Down LifeKiddie Arcades Manager
1997Donnie BrascoNicky
1996SleepersShakes' Father
1995The Basketball DiariesSwifty
1994Golden GateAgent Ron Pirelli
1992HoffaNightclub Comic
1991City SlickersEd Furillo
1990The FreshmanVictor Ray
1989We're No AngelsDeputy
1989When Harry Met Sally...Jess
1989Bert Rigby, You're a FoolKyle DeForest
1987Good Morning, VietnamLt. Steven Hauk
1985Flesh + BloodOrbec
1984This Is Spinal TapTommy Pischedda
1982Kiss My GritsFlash
1981Modern RomanceJay
1980BorderlineJimmy Fante
1980Where the Buffalo RoamMarty Lewis
1979Some Kind of MiracleFrank Smiles
1978Almost SummerBobby DeVito
1977Between the Lines
1976Baby Blue MarineMosley
1974The Godfather: Part IIYoung Clemenza
1973Cinderella LibertyAlcott
1973A Summer Without BoysQuincy
1973The Harrad ExperimentHarry Schacht
1971The Young Graduates