Looters, Tooters and Sawn-Off Shooters

Looters, Tooters and Sawn-Off Shooters
Looters, Tooters and Sawn-Off Shooters.2014.hd.1080p
Know Your Enemy
Looters, Tooters and Sawn-Off Shooters Poster
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Ex-gangster Charlie Thompson returns to London after the tragic death of his young nephew Danny which he believes to have been caused by the same callous hands that killed his brother George many years ago. Taking the law into his own hands Charlie meets up with former acquaintances ready to settle old scores and save his last remaining nephew Frankie the last of the Thompson bloodline. However, Charlie has been out the game for a while and he soon realizes that a lot has changed.

Title:Looters, Tooters and Sawn-Off Shooters
Release Date:September 22, 2014
Genres:Crime, Drama
Production Co.:King Brothers Films Ltd.
Production Countries:United Kingdom
Director:Darren James King, Paul Lee King
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