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Overlord Poster
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France, June 1944. On the eve of D-Day, some American paratroopers fall behind enemy lines after their aircraft crashes while on a mission to destroy a radio tower in a small village near the beaches of Normandy. After reaching their target, the surviving paratroopers realise that, in addition to fighting the Nazi troops that patrol the village, they also must fight against something else.

Release Date:November 1, 2018
Genres:Horror, War, Science Fiction
Production Co.:Bad Robot, Paramount
Production Countries:Canada, United States of America
Director:Julius Avery, Hannah Boschi, Martina Vazzoler, Roxanne Cuenca
Writers:, ,
Casts:Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Mathilde Ollivier, John Magaro, Gianny Taufer, Pilou Asbæk, Bokeem Woodbine, Iain De Caestecker, Dominic Applewhite, Jacob Anderson, Erich Redman, Patrick Brammall, Mark McKenna, Joseph Quinn, Hayley Carmachiel, Marc Rissmann, Meg Foster, Sarah Finigan, Gunther Wurger, Bart Lambert, Michael Epp, Tom Mothersdale, Ross Tomlinson, Alison Thea-Skot, Ben Tavassoli, Shubham Saraf, Andy Wareham, Nick Roeten

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