Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four
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4 times the action. 4 times the adventure. 4 times the fantastic.
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During a space voyage, four scientists are altered by cosmic rays: Reed Richards gains the ability to stretch his body; Sue Storm can become invisible; Johnny Storm controls fire; and Ben Grimm is turned into a super-strong … thing. Together, these "Fantastic Four" must now thwart the evil plans of Dr. Doom and save the world from certain destruction.

Title:Fantastic Four
Release Date:June 29, 2005
Genres:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Production Co.:Kumar Mobiliengesellschaft mbH & Co. Projekt Nr. 3 KG, 1492 Pictures, Constantin Film, Marvel Enterprises, 20th Century Fox
Production Countries:Germany, United States of America
Director:Brian Smrz, Tim Story, Lee Cleary, Catherine Kretz, Jigesh Gajjar, Diego Garzon, Ashley Bell, Lance Peverley
Writers:, , ,
Casts:Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Julian McMahon, Kerry Washington, Hamish Linklater, Laurie Holden, David Parker, Kevin McNulty, Maria Menounos, Michael Kopsa, Andrew Airlie, Pascale Hutton, Douglas Weston, Stan Lee, Sam Rubin, G. Michael Gray, Patrick Stoner, Ron Chartier

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